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Halifax film screening picks — August 29-September 4

29 Aug
August 29, 2016

Tuesday at the Central Library the August series of free screenings of Coen brothers films wraps up with Hail, Caesar!, this year’s fantastic entry in the ever-building Coen canon. Presenting this week is Chris Campbell—NSCC Screen Arts faculty member, blogger, and, yes, a constantly informative Twitter follow.

In fact every day is like Tuesday this week at the movies—it’s the ass end of the summer, frankly, and Cineplex is cutting you some slack by offering cheap-Tuesday prices, Monday through Friday this week.

  • Halifax area screening pick for this week:
    • Tuesday (Aug 30) — Hail, Caesar!, Central Library, 6pm, free. Joel & Ethan Coen, USA, 2016, 100 minutes.
  • Annapolis Valley screening pick for this week
    • Tuesday (Aug 30) — Love & Friendship, King’s Theatre (209 St. George St., Annapolis Royal), 7:30pm, $8. Whit Stillman, Ireland/USA, 2016, 92 minutes

Halifax film screening picks — August 22-28

22 Aug
August 22, 2016

Cineplex Park Lane has a few 25th anniversary screenings this week of Thelma & Louise, a film that holds up well, a little too well, as Megan Garber puts it, because its “fundamental fact… that ultimately drives its plot, and the one that makes it feel so disappointingly fresh today—is the women’s recognition that they can’t trust the law, because the law doesn’t trust them.”

Park Lane has a large number of other special screenings this week, including what may or may not be the “director’s”/final cut of Close Encounters of the Third Kind this Friday night—programmed simultaneously with the third instalment of Indiana Jones, in an act of seemingly in-joke-esque scheduling. This is truly the week of peak Indy for Cineplex, as there are screenings of all three chapters of the original trilogy (see below for timings—the whole trilogy plays in order this Saturday). There is also a Wednesday screening of Unlocking the Cage, the new animal rights documentary. The reviews have been mixed-to-good for this one, but at minimum a new doc by D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus is always notable, it seems to me.

Tuesday at the Central Library the August series of screenings of Coen brothers films continues with A Serious Man, a film that is probably, no, definitely, in my top three Coen films ever. Your host this week is the always fun film fan-and-maker, CBC columnist, and Coast contributor Tara Thorne.

The latest release from stop-motion animation studio Laika has arrived, and the reviews are the best yetKubo and the Two Strings is “clearly made by people who understand that the border between classic children’s stories and horror lies deeper in the neighborhood of the latter than we might assume.”

If you missed the Halifax engagement of Swiss Army Man, there’s a chance to see it this Wednesday at the historic Astor Theatre in Liverpool.

Halifax film screening picks — August 15-21

15 Aug
August 15, 2016

Indignation is screening at Cineplex Park Lane, and with its strong reviews it seems to be another step in the (in her words) “slow, long upward climb” of Toronto actress Sarah Gadon, who has quite transcended her Cronenberg-it-girl beginnings. It’s also the directorial debut for the longtime screenwriting partner of Ang Lee, Professor James Schamus, Ph.D., of whose work I am a longtime fan—yes, even his under-appreciated Hulk movie.

The Thrillema is back this week with 1999 horror milestone The Blair Witch Project, a film that seemed like an aberration and a gimmick on its release, but not so much now—”its influence wasn’t immediate, but delayed until technology caught up with it.” There is a regular Thrillema presentation on Wednesday at 8pm, and on Thursday, a slightly earlier screening paired with a meet-and-greet with Jordan of The Night Time Podcast and Earl Lattie of Paranormal Investigations Nova Scotia (PINS).

David Huddleston, portrayer of “big dons or capos and tempestuous men,” and best known for the title role in The Big Lebowski, died on August 2. On Tuesday at the Central Library, as part of an August series of screenings of Coen brothers films, you can revisit this classic with Kendra Barnes—an incredibly knowledgeable programmer with Carbon Arc, and a good Twitter follow to boot.

Cineplex’s August Indiana Jones revival continues with more screenings of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and this Friday at Park Lane, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the first in a series of intended final episodes that will soon outnumber the preceding films. Originally intended as an apology for Temple of Doom, the film brings back for me teenage opening night memories, thanks to the film breaking and burning in the middle of the nail-biting tank chase scene. But I digress.

Halifax film screening picks — August 8-14

08 Aug
August 8, 2016

Captain Fantastic has arrived at Cineplex Park Lane, accompanied by generally strong reviews—notices that consistently point up an excellent turn by Viggo Mortensen. “Mr. Mortensen, whose intensity has the sting of possession, has a way of making you believe his characters can do whatever they set their minds to,” says Manohla Dargis of the NY Times.

Park Lane is keeping its Indiana Jones retrospective rolling with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a sequel that due to its dark content inspired the creation of the PG-13 rating.

The Atlantic Film Festival’s family-friendly summer outdoor screening series wraps up this Saturday at the Pondside Amphitheatre in Dartmouth Crossing with David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, and a whole bunch of Muppets in Labyrinth. “Childhood has been this way forever: wonderful and hard and full of horror. Labyrinth just helps us remember what, deep down, in the dark, we’ve always known.

  • Halifax area screening picks for this week:

Halifax film screening picks — August 1-7

01 Aug
August 1, 2016

This week offers a Spielberg throwback double whammy, with the great Raiders of the Lost Ark screening on Friday and Sunday, preceded by the less-than-great Jurassic Park on Wednesday.

The Atlantic Film Festival’s family-friendly summer outdoor screening series continues this Friday outside at Grand Parade with Wes Anderson’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel Fantastic Mr. Fox, and also on Saturday at the Pondside Amphitheatre in Dartmouth Crossing with a singalong (lyrics on screen) screening of Frozen.

  • Halifax area screening picks for this week:
    • Wednesday (Aug 3) — Jurassic Park, Cineplex Park Lane, 9:25pm, $6.99. Steven Spielberg, USA, 1993, 127 minutes.
    • Friday (Aug 5) — Fantastic Mr. Fox, Grand Parade, 9:10ish, doors open at 8:10pm, free. Wes Anderson, USA, 2009, 87 minutes.
      Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cineplex Park Lane, 9:30pm, $6.99. Steven Spielberg, USA, 1981, 115 minutes.
    • Saturday (Aug 6) — Frozen, Pondside Amphitheatre (Dartmouth Crossing), 9:10ish, doors open at 8:10pm, free. Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee, USA, 2013, 107 minutes.
    • Sunday (Aug 7) — Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cineplex Park Lane & Dartmouth Crossing, 12:55pm, $6.99. Steven Spielberg, USA, 1981, 115 minutes.