Buñuel retrospective summer 2016 at TIFF Lightbox?

The ICA in London is about midway through a massive-jealousy-inducing retrospective of the films of Luis Buñuel, that has had me wondering for some time whether it might, like past retrospectives of Pasolini and Kubrick, eventually find its way to Canada.  So, feel free to tell me that I’m seizing on the thinnest thread of evidence, but I got more than a little excited when I discovered these tweets from Guillermo del Toro:

It’s hard to believe that the TIFF Lightbox would screen a lesser-known Buñuel film like Él in isolation. It seems to me much more plausible that del Toro is in talks with them to be one of a number of special guests in a full retrospective series this coming summer.

This isn’t really the sort of blog that is generally about rumour-starting, but, fellow film nerds—let’s start this one.  This has to happen.

In the meantime here’s the trailer for that ICA exhibition.

Update December 5: The latest tweet from Guillermo del Toro drops an even clearer hint at a larger Buñuel event—he says he’s giving a “3 day mini seminar” on Buñuel’s films:

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