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Watch European Blu-ray discs and DVDs on the cheap (in Canada)

01 Sep
September 1, 2012

Oh, the collector joy that ensues when you find out that a $78 Blu-ray player can be quickly and easily set to play DVDs from any region and Blu-ray discs from the region of your choice.

At the time of this blog post the Seiki BD 660 Blu-ray player appears to be out of stock at but you should still be able to head on down to your local store and grab one.  The first one that I bought had a serious malfunction but I exchanged it and the second player has worked perfectly through several screenings.

Setting the region with this unit is simple.

  1. Press “Setup”.
  2. Press 8,5,2,0 in that order. This gives you the factory page with version, loader, DVD region, BD Region and Reset Password info.
  3. Using the up/down button go to DVD Region Code and set to “0” — this will allow you to play DVDs from every region.
  4. Go down to BD Region Code: It will be set to “A”.  You can set it to “B” by pressing “2” for Europe.  (If you want to play North American discs with the unit you can come back to this settings screen and set it back to “A”.  Since I already had a player for my North American discs I leave this one set to “B”.)
  5. To exit this screen just press “Setup” again.

Hey presto, you are watching the films of the world.