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Halifax film screening picks — May 18-24

There are not many one-off screenings in Halifax this week (and that’s quite OK, if you’re as excited about Obey Convention as I am), but The Thrillema is back with a screening of the original Poltergeist this Wednesday. With the 2015 remake dropping this Friday, the timing is basically perfect for another look at the OTT original that remains seared into the brains of 80s kids everywhere.

The one documentary screening of note this week is a Fusion Halifax screening of the highly regarded 2006 film The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. Note that this Central Library screening takes place in room 201.

This Sunday afternoon, the William-Wyler-directed musical Funny Girl, with Streisand and Sharif, is screening at the Oxford. This is a fundraiser for the Halifax Pride Festival.

If you’re looking for some multiplex entertainment on your Victoria Day Monday off, you could do worse than to check out the brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road, which I am convinced has set a new standard against which future action films will be judged. Though the film was not shot with 3D cameras as originally planned, it is quite obviously intended to be seen in 3D—and a successful post-conversion, I’d say. But you probably weren’t depending on me to tell you that…

Here are my Halifax area screening picks for selected days this week:

  • Monday (May 18) & Tuesday (May 19) — Mad Max: Fury Road, many screenings at several Cineplex locations‎, regular pricing discounted Tuesday, film likely continues through the summer and possibly in perpetuity. George Miller, Australia/USA, 2015, 120 minutes.
    — Ex Machina, Cineplex Park Lane, 1:10pm,‎ ‎3:45pm, 7:20pm & 9:50‎pm‎; Cineplex Dartmouth Crossing, 11:55am,‎ ‎2:35pm, 5:15pm, ‎7:50pm & 10:25pm‎, regular pricing discounted Tuesday, film continues through Thursday (at least). Alex Garland, UK, 2015, 108 minutes.
    — While We’re Young, Cineplex Park Lane, 3:55pm &‎ ‎10pm, regular pricing discounted Tuesday, film continues through Thursday (at least). ‎The highly-regarded latest feature from Noah Baumbach stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. USA, 2014, 97 minutes.
  • Wednesday (May 20) — Poltergeist (1982), The Thrillema @ the Museum of Natural History, 8pm, free advance tickets. Tobe Hooper, USA, 1982, 114 minutes.
  • Thursday (May 21) — The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, room 201 @ Halifax Central Library, 6:30pm, free, short discussion to follow. Faith Morgan, USA, 2006, 53 minutes.
  • Sunday (May 24) — Funny Girl, Cineplex Oxford, 1pm, $5. William Wyler, USA, 1968, 155 minutes.
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