Halifax screening picks — November 13-19

I’ll be honest—as a parent to an autistic person I kind of dread films that attempt to explore neurodiverse characters. It feels like there’s been a flood of such things lately, ranging from shows like Atypical and The Good Doctor, to movies that assign magical-autistic savant-stereotype qualities to a protagonist without fully copping to itBaby Driver leaps to mind. But Friday’s Carbon Arc screening Dina, which, yes, has received some criticism for not foregrounding some key context to the film, has seen some really positive notices not just from mainstream critics but also from at least one prominent autistic writer, so I am in.

Carbon Arc also has a Saturday screening of Brigsby Bear, “a sweet and sometimes delightful melancholic story of a lonely man saved by imagination and love, says the NY Times’ Manohla Dargis, who writes further, “That sounds like a bushel of cornball and might have devolved into pure ick if the director, Dave McCary, didn’t lead from the heart and wasn’t adept at navigating seemingly clashing tones.”

On Cineplex screens, Ai Weiwei’s brilliant Human Flow came and went in a week, but now Park Lane has Todd Haynes’ “vitally personal” Wonderstruck, his first since Carol.

The Dal Art Gallery on Tuesday afternoon continues its “Russian Revolutions” series of free screenings with the universally critically praised 2014 Andrey Zvyagintsev film Leviathan.

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  • Halifax screenings this week:
    • Monday (Nov 13) — A Silent Voice, Cineplex Park Lane, 9:40pm, regular pricing. Naoko Yamada, Japan, 2016, 129 minutes.
    • Tuesday (Nov 14) — Leviathan, Dalhousie Art Gallery, 2:30pm, free. Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia, 2014, 141 minutes.
    • Wednesday (Nov 15) — Casablanca, Cineplex Dartmouth Crossing & Park Lane, 7pm, $6.99. Michael Curtiz, USA, 1942, 102 minutes.
    • Thursday (Nov 16) — A Silent Voice, Cineplex Park Lane, 4pm, regular pricing. Naoko Yamada, Japan, 2016, 129 minutes.
    • Friday (Nov 17) — Dina, Carbon Arc Cinema @ the Museum of Natural History, 7pm, $7. Antonio Santini & Dan Sickles, USA, 2017, 101 minutes.
    • Saturday (Nov 18) — Brigsby Bear, Carbon Arc Cinema @ the Museum of Natural History, 7pm, $7. Dave McCary, USA, 2017, 97 minutes.
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