Halifax screening picks — October 30-November 5

Somehow this fall (mostly due to illness, really) I have contrived to miss The Florida Project at TIFF, at AIFF, and now on its opening weekend in Halifax, but I’ll be seeing it at my first opportunity—the film is one of the six best reviewed films of 2017 so far, and if you’ve beat me to it, I’m jealous.

The Thrillema is back with its annual Halloween double feature tonight, starting with the unimpeachable Night of the Living Dead, a film that partly owes its enduring influence to an accident of the most pedestrian kind, and proceeding to Halloween II, the film with half-baked plot twists that ruined the franchise, on some accounts. As usual there are no advance tickets left but there will be standby seats.

This Thursday the Dal Art Gallery has a free screening of Andrei Tarkovsky’s most densely autobiographical film, The Mirror, and I don’t know if there’s a better example of a film being simultaneously impenetrable and absorbing. No matter how little you know about the director’s life, the film’s effect is hypnotic: “The smallest details (a stammering child, the wrinkle in the turned page of a book) stick like burrs, and we are left to wonder if any director has delved with more modesty and honesty into the heartbreak of the past.” Note that the screening has been moved from the Gallery, upstairs to the MacAloney Room (406) on the 4th floor of the Dalhousie Arts Centre.

Carbon Arc has two screenings this weekend. Friday it’s Person to Person, the mostly tepidly reviewed ensemble comedy that nonetheless has some well-respected defenders, including David Ehrlich. Saturday brings the neo-slapstick comedy Lost in Paris, “a daft and deft farce about the Last Canadian Who Should Ever Get Herself into a Fix in the Most Gorgeous City on Earth.

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  • Halifax screenings this week:
    • Monday (Oct 30) — Frankenstein (1931), Cineplex Park Lane, 3:45pm, $6.99. James Whale, USA, 1931, 90 minutes.
      — Night of the Living Dead, The Thrillema @ Natural History Museum, 7:30pm, limited free standby seats. George A. Romero, USA, 1968, 96 minutes.
      Dracula (1931), Cineplex Park Lane, 9:15pm, $6.99. Tod Browning, USA, 1931, 90 minutes.
      Halloween II, The Thrillema @ Natural History Museum, 9:30pm, limited free standby seats. Rick Rosenthal, USA, 1981, 92 minutes.
    • Tuesday (Oct 31) — Frankenstein (1931), Cineplex Park Lane, 3:45pm & 9:15pm, $6.99. James Whale, USA, 1931, 90 minutes.
      Dracula (1931), Cineplex Park Lane, 7pm, $6.99. Tod Browning, USA, 1931, 90 minutes.
    • Wednesday (Nov 1) — Spirited Away [English dub], Cineplex Park Lane & Dartmouth Crossing, 3:45pm, $12.95. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2001, 125 minutes.
      Spirited Away [Japanese w/English subtitles], Cineplex Park Lane 7pm & 9:45pm, Dartmouth Crossing, 7pm, $12.95. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2001, 125 minutes.
    • Thursday (Nov 2) — The Mirror, MacAloney Room (406), 4th floor, Dalhousie Arts Centre, 7pm, free. Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR, 1975, 106 minutes.
    • Friday (Nov 3) — Person to Person, Carbon Arc Cinema @ the Museum of Natural History, 7pm, $7. Dustin Guy Defa, USA, 2017, 84 minutes.
    • Saturday (Nov 4) — Lost in Paris, Carbon Arc Cinema @ the Museum of Natural History, 7pm, $7. Dominique Abel & Fiona Gordon, France/Belgium, 2017, 83 minutes.
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